nights at the circus

In collaboration with Beth Uzwiak

This multiform collaboration began with a deaccessioned copy of Djuna Barnes’s classic lesbian novel Nightwood (1937). Taking its inspiration from Nightwood itself, this installation sets the early 1900s circus—its dandies, charlatans, and coquettes—against imaginative renderings of human cells and organs. Together these forms celebrate the permissiveness of carnival, while questioning the place of “the marginal” in the everyday.

Handpainted screenprints; screenprint, relief print, watercolor collage, and thread on book pages; handmade paper sculptures; embroidery, vintage birdcage


Carrion: a cartography of roadkill

Carrion examines the intersections between a journey mapped through surveillance imagery—culled from satellite images of Philadelphia— and the journey as it is embodied, represented by prints of anatomical imagery and abstracted forms resembling internal organs or rotting meat. Together these imageries map an exploded geography, where places relate to one another in fragments, as in a dream.

Letterpress & screenprint on handmade paper, sculptural case with dyed bookbinding thread; book pages with sand-flocked screenprint; handmade paper and dyed thread sculptures
Book approximately 150 x 10 inches; sculptures various
Each one-of-a-kind



One if by Land explores the spaces between the point of departure and the destination, where distractions or stories live. The text and projected photograph installations map spatial trajectories through transient locations—a taxi ride to a Romanian castle, a ferry past uninhabited Greek islands, a bus to a former concentration camp—taking viewers on a journey that invites them to re-examine these often overlooked, ephemeral spaces.

Polaroid transfers on Plexiglas; slide projection on two-sided screen; accompanying artist's book: offset lithography on card
4 x 5.75 x .125 inches
Set of 11 poem postcards
Limited edition of 500